Use a Shared Cart

Use a Shared Cart

Order with friends! Shared carts are designed to make ordering for a group easy. Multiple people can log in to one managed Shared Cart to order what they want. The cart owner can set spending limits organize the data and time for the pickup or delivery, and checkout on the team's behalf. While you can add items on mobile, at this time, the ability to create and checkout a shared cart is only available for web users.

Please Note: Some restaurants have maximum food value amounts for orders. These will be listed at the top of the restaurant menu. Please keep this in mind prior to selecting a restaurant.

Create a Shared Cart

To set up a shared cart, start by logging into your Caviar account. Click on the restaurant of your choice and then click "Start Group Order" in the upper righthand side of the page, or by clicking the "Create a Share Cart" button in the top right of the checkout screen.

On the next page you'll see a link that's specific to your cart. Share the populated link with your friends or coworkers! They'll be prompted to log in to the shared cart to add items. Be sure to tell them when you intend to check out to ensure their items are included in the order. If anyone misses the Shared Cart, go ahead and create a second cart. Then contact support and we will do our best to combine the two orders.

Set a Pickup or Delivery Time for Shared Carts

You can select a specific date and time window for your pickup or delivery in the Shared Cart Details box. Just click the Change button to open up your delivery options.

You can select ASAP, Later Today, or a future date up to 7 days in advance. Finally, select your preferred pickup or delivery time and click Confirm.

Set Per-Person Spending Limits for Shared Carts

You can set a maximum dollar amount per person by clicking Change in the Shared Cart Details box.

Each guest will be allowed to spend up to that amount for their items. If you want everyone to pay for their own food, tax, and service fee, set the restriction to $0. If the order is for delivery, the cart owner will still be responsible for the Delivery Fee. Once you have entered an amount, click Confirm to lock it in.

Distribute the Cart

Caviar offers two ways to spread the love with your shared cart: A direct link, which can be sent via email/SMS/chat, or a Slack notification which can be assigned to a specific channel. To use the direct link click the Copy button and distribute the link to the cart guests via your preferred channel.

The Slack button will ask you to designate a specific channel for notifications to be sent to, and will alert the channel when a shared cart is created. You will need to click the Slack button for each order you wish to distribute the link through.

Please Note: Once you choose a Slack channel, this will be the default for all future orders.

Moderate the Cart

As your guests begin to confirm items for the shared cart, a list will appear on the checkout screen. As people begin adding items to the order, you can view who has completed their selection in the right-hand column on the Checkout screen.

Please Note: Guests need to click the final Confirm button or their selection will not be included in the order.

Change Items in the Cart

The cart moderator can delete, but not add, cart items on behalf of a user. Click on the "See What Everyone Is Ordering" button to edit items in the cart.

If the order has already been placed, the order is finalized and the cart cannot be edited. Please contact us to remove or change items on your order, and we will do our best to make these changes. 

Please Note: If the order is already being prepared, no modifications or cancellations will be possible.

Check Out a Shared Cart

The shared cart moderator can check out on behalf of the group at any point. Shared cart members are unable to check out on behalf of the cart moderator.

Giving our restaurants ample notice for large shared carts will ensure your order is confirmed in a timely manner and prepared according to your needs. We require large shared carts to be submitted at least 24 hours in advance to offer restaurants enough time to prepare for the order. Shared carts placed with less notice and/or during rush periods are subject to delayed pickup or delivery times, or cancellation by the restaurant. A full refund will be processed for any rejected shared carts. Contact us if you have any questions regarding scheduling your shared cart order.
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